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Oedo-Koh Incense

Nippon Kodo's Oedo-Koh Collection is inspired by the Edo period of Japanese history which lasted from the 1600's to the 1800's. This era is famous for 'Iki' an urban culture of 'dandyism' that emerged to celebrate a minimalist approach to life that embraced thoughtfulness. The incense was created by master incense artisans from modern Tokyo, using fragrance to represent a range of Edo-inspired scenes. The luxurious set contains a bespoke incense holder and 60 perfume sticks that burn for up to 12 minutes each.

The fragrance that was most beloved by noble and sophisticated people was Kyara, or Aloeswood. Kyara was popular among court nobles since around the eighth century in Japan. They enjoyed the scent while they wore attire infused with the fragrant smoke. The custom continues to this day among professionals working in the Japanese dance and music industries. Made in Tokyo, this incense was designed to embody a beautiful princess clothed in the scent of Kyara. Discover spiritual luxury with Nippon Kodo's Aloeswood fragrance. 

Exclusively imported and officially distributed in Australia by Saison.