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Louvelle Seraphine Headband

Crafted from luxurious, silky soft and stretchy fabric, these classic bands strike the perfect balance between fashion and function, and they’re quick drying too.

Whether you’re applying winged liner or indulging in a little me time with your favourite skincare ritual, flyaway hairs can certainly be a bit of a bother. Louvelle’s chic headbands are the perfect way to keep your locks in check while you work your magic.

Protects the hairline while you apply or remove makeup

Keeps hair out of your skincare treatments

Perfect for sweeping hair off the face at any time

Functional and fashionable

Silky-soft and stretchy quick-dry fabric

Ideal for accessorising second day hair


How to wear

Gently pull your headband down over your head to position it around the neck. Place the base of the band at the base of your neck underneath the hair before moving the top of the band to the desired position on your forehead or the top of your head. Tuck or loosen hair around the band to achieve your preferred look.

Peach Papaya
Petite Afrique

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