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Kosmos Ring Onyx Gold


  • In ancient times the seal or signet ring was traditionally seen as a symbol of family heritage, as it bore the family crest or coat of arms in reverse so that it could be pressed into soft clay or way used to seal documents. The Kosmos Ring in 18k Polished Gold Vermeil is a contemporary expression of this ancient style. The deep Black Onyx set in the center speaks to gentle restoration, transformation, and spiritual awakening.


    Stone Properties

    Black Onyx is known to be a powerful protection stone, absorbing and transforming negativity to prevent the drain of personal energy. Echoing the deep black void of night, a restorative time when the world is quiet and calm, the Onyx gemstone symbolizes initiation and change, inspiring feelings of personal power that come from facing your fears. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional strength and stamina especially through times of stress, confusion, or grief.



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