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Gentle Habits Oil Diffusers

Take it slow with our collection of This Is Incense Diffuser Oils.
Simply add a few drops to your ceramic oil burner, aromatherapy diffuser or soon-to-be released car diffuser and enjoy the notes of our best-selling Incense scents.


Welcome to Yamba - A place we call home. 
Delicate and earthy with a hint of cedarwood. This scent will forever be in your rotation and checklist of things to-do to feel great and grounded.


Welcome to Margies - Forest and vines with a hint of sweet sea spray
Deep, fresh and smooth. Margaret River will remind you of that feeling of being free.


Welcome to Bells Beach - Where the bush meets the surf.
Bells Beach was the very first scent we created. A dark and stormy incense scent with smoky eucalyptus undertones. Bells Beach incense was inspired by our former hometown - a historic and spiritual location, that oozes calmness and evokes daily rituals.