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Fazeek Blance Vase - Clear + Blue

FAZEEK’s hand-crafted BALANCE VASE - CLEAR + BLUE pays homage to our favourite architects from home and abroad.

These modernist inspired vessels will compliment your pick of sweet, herbaceous, or spiced scented flowers or succulents.

These playful cylindrical vases feature an internal sphere with two hand cut holes ready to be filled with freshly picked flowers and foliage, or to grace any space as a decorative sculptural piece.


We recommend showing our vases the love they deserve and wash them by hand in cold water.

Each vase is handmade for Fazeek which means there can be beautiful little quirks with in the glass which is part of the beauty of handmade glass which we know you will love as much as we do. 

Vase Dimensions Roughly - 22cm high x 12cm wide